Sunday 16th February - the Coach House Gallery in Dublin Castle Gardens

This Sunday 16th of February, we will be sketching at the Coach House Gallery in Dublin Castle Gardens (near the Chester Beatty Library), from about 2pm onwards.
The current exhibition is "100 years of women in politics and public life"

We will meet for drinks from 4pm at the Mulligan and Haines pub on Dame Street.

Space might be limited at the exhibition, but they are expecting us. If it gets too crowded, there is a lot to explore on the grounds of Dublin Castle.

If this is your first time out, welcome! Just bring your favourite materials, find a spot that grabs your attention and start sketching! Other sketchers will appear through the afternoon carrying sketchbooks, pencils and pens. Don't worry if you're late, most of us usually are!

New people come along almost every week so don't be shy about introducing yourself. It's a friendly gathering and you'll get to know us over a drink at 4pm.

There will be talks and other events associated with this exhibition, some of which may provide sketching opportunities. Dublin Sketchers are very welcome to attend these. Note that some events may require booking so check the Dublin Castle website first. The first confirmed event is:
Tuesday 18 February 2020
Printworks, Lower Yard, Dublin Castle
Countess Markievicz and Dublin Castle 
with curator Dr Sinéad McCoole
Mapping the complexity of Constance Gore Booth's social and family relations 

More events are on the Dublin Castle website, with more exciting events associated with this exhibition to be announced soon.