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I am currently teaching an evening diploma course - Children's Picture Books - writing and illustration, and the course comes to an end next week. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and my student come from all walks of life, all artistically inclined with a burning passion for picture books, and ambitions to be published authors and illustrators. Some have art backgrounds others have missed out for whatever reason, and gone for more 'practical' careers, but never stopped dreaming of becoming involved in the world of children's literature, be it writing or illustrating.
I am truly amazed by what they have produced in a relatively short period of time, all have picture books ready to dispatch to publishers worldwide, after 12 weeks of intensive work, one has even got a contract! Most of my students have full time jobs, a few are parents of young children at home. The ages vary form 20's to 50's. Classes are small with one to one tuition. The group have become good friends and the atmosphere is friendly and open.....I could go on and on.....!!!
I have attached my (quite long) biography, and course details - next one starts (numbers permitting!) in less than 3 weeks - 3rd February. I can supply lots more info and photos etc if necessary.

If anyone wants more info or wants me to forward the email to them - let me know!!



Ciaran. said...

FYI - There are two courses, Pt one is writing a childrens story and pt two is illustrating it, (you can request full syllabus for all the info and course outlines).

Something I was interested in was the prices and duration of the courses, which are as follows:

It is 895euro for one part,(12 wks)or 1,650euro for two parts if taken together, over two nights,
(12 wks).

Just thought I'd share.


Ciaran. said...




PART ONE – PICTURE BOOK WRITING – This course is suitable for aspiring, beginners or emerging children's writers, and those with a love of children's literature, and enthusiasm to learn more. During the course you will receive an overview of the many components of children's literature. You might have some great ideas, but how do you go about writing a children's picture book? Part lecture, part workshop, this course will take you through the process of writing, editing, and submitting a children's picture book, with plenty of writing assignments to keep you on track.


How to 'write in pictures'
Building a Story Framework
Character development
How to develop a premise into a plot
The right language and vocabulary
Picture Book Genres & Themes
Point of view, dialogue & voice
Why editors like to choose their own illustrators
Cultivate the habit of revision and editing
The nuts and bolts of marketing a manuscript
By the end of this class you will have:

Written a completed picture book manuscript, along with a cover letter for submission to editors.

PART TWO –PICTURE BOOK ILLUSTRATION –A good understanding of the relationship between image and text is vital to the success in creating children’s picture books. It is important to feel comfortable with drawing, and ability with at least one colour medium. This course will appeal to people with a professional or general art background, who enjoy picture making. The approach will emphasise sequence, pace, continuity, design, and layout. The course concentrates on moulding your existing techniques to fit the children's book market, and encourages students to develop their own individuality and imagination. Student can continue on from the writing course with their own unique story, or bring along a well loved classic to illustrate. Poems, Rhymes and Alphabet books are also welcome. The aim is to increase both experimentation and professionalism

Notable illustrators – contemporary and historical.
Physical structure of a picture book
Planning your book.
Visual continuity and the sequential image.
Character development
Keeping sketchbooks
Picture space and composition
How to break down and interpret a text
How to create a layout and paginate a text.
Creating thumbnail sketches & storyboards.
Deciding on a medium/personal style
Interaction, composition and content. Creating a complete Book Dummy.
By the end of this course you will have:
Created a Picture Book Dummy ready for submission to prospective publishers, or to include in your portfolio as a demonstration of your capabilities.

Adrienne Geoghegan


Contact David Slattery,
Head of Arts Faculty,
Independent College, 60-63 Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Phone: 016725058
Next course: 3rd Feb 2009 – WRITING
4th Feb 2009 - ILLUSTRATING
12 weeks; 3 hours per evening 6.30-9.30pm for each part.
Part one and two can be taken separately.

Anonymous said...

How many times per week is the course? Is it two evenings per week for each and 4 evenings per week for people who do both?

Anonymous said...

Did you do online research to see what books she wrote? Would you be interested in taking the course?

Ciaran. said...

Hi Marta,

It's one night a week per course, so if you do both courses together it would be 2 nights per week, 6:30 - 9:30.

I'd love to do it yes. It's kind of on the lines of what I'm into developing, though not particularly kids books, but the course seems to cover quite a bit so it could be a good spring board for refining your own thing, whatever that may be.

I'm not sure if I can do it this time round and I've been debating doing the oil/acryllic course which starts tomorrow night at TAW so all's a little up in the air. Not ruling it out though!

Here's a link to some of her stuff I found online, . See what you think!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I saw that website and looked around at amazon for books by this author.
I like Old Lady and Fly and Let's Feed the Chicks.