Childrens Picture Book Diploma

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I am currently teaching an evening diploma course - Children's Picture Books - writing and illustration, and the course comes to an end next week. It is thoroughly enjoyable, and my student come from all walks of life, all artistically inclined with a burning passion for picture books, and ambitions to be published authors and illustrators. Some have art backgrounds others have missed out for whatever reason, and gone for more 'practical' careers, but never stopped dreaming of becoming involved in the world of children's literature, be it writing or illustrating.
I am truly amazed by what they have produced in a relatively short period of time, all have picture books ready to dispatch to publishers worldwide, after 12 weeks of intensive work, one has even got a contract! Most of my students have full time jobs, a few are parents of young children at home. The ages vary form 20's to 50's. Classes are small with one to one tuition. The group have become good friends and the atmosphere is friendly and open.....I could go on and on.....!!!
I have attached my (quite long) biography, and course details - next one starts (numbers permitting!) in less than 3 weeks - 3rd February. I can supply lots more info and photos etc if necessary.

If anyone wants more info or wants me to forward the email to them - let me know!!