WALK Art Trading Postcard Followup

Paola the artist who works with the WALK group would be delighted if we met up with them and the sooner the better too. Perhaps as soon as Saturday the 7th of February in the afternoon in Walkinstown . If you can keep an hour or even two free that day.

It will involve a collaborative art session (with coffee and discussion afterwards) whereby we all put the postcard work (you'll get to see your own work again if you come as well as those of the WALK group and the artists who made them)together in a big collage which will eventually be framed and displayed probably publicly in the near future. How this looks in the end will be dependent on all of us involved so we will let the ideas flow while we all work on it : )

Paola has to run it by the WALK organisers first because they mostly operate weekdays so I will email everyone when I get a concrete date but the 7th of Feb looks the most likely.
Thanks again everyone, I think this will be a good thing for all involved and for anyone new people, even if you didn't do a postcard for this, you are more than welcome to join us too.