Couple sketches from Sunday 25th

Sums up the scene as I saw it:
Main Stage with an Ox, a tent with lanterns, a big tree, a fancy electric bike stall and a couple of sketchy looking Dubliners sitting on a bench. Oh and the odd bouncy ball.. (by Tracy)

Longstone Fireplace by Tracy

Longstone scene by James

Stags Head

Cafe Moda


TAW Blog Admin said...

Nice one Tracey it kind of reminds me of the Chinese willow pattern story.

Catherine said...

Very interesting style and fits well with oriental. Very well done fireplace!

SarahOR said...

James how do you add the contributor list to the blog? more specifically i cant remember the name of the gadget for it and iv few people i want to add on it.

I can find it in the basic list.

Ciaran. said...

Great goin folks. Fireplace looks gas altogether, (good of course too).

I will probably finish mine in 6 months so will post it then, :)

Catherine said...

Nice characters James and the column separating them is very good!