Some Great Postcards from the WALK group of artists in Walkinstown.

Some really lovely work done here so congratulations and well done to all who got involved from both groups - it has been a fun so far and some of us look forward to meeting the WALK group soon for a more collaborative and personal art exchange. More details coming soon - we will email you suggested time and venue for this when it's been discussed a bit more concretely.

The postcard artists included the following, Linda,Ronan, Darren,Gavin, Paola, Brennan, Jenny, Gerard, Carmel, Neville, James, David, Mary. Apologies for errors and omissions, if I've left anyone but this can be hopefully corrected when we meet face to face in a few weeks time. We will be creating a proper gallery link on the right of this blog to a more static website where we will store our best works and the artist trading cards shown here and any other collaborative work we may do in the future.


Tracy O'Brien said...

Wow there is so much colour and life in their postcards! Really lovely!

Stephen said...

They're brilliant. Thanks for posting that James.

TAW Blog Admin said...

Paola the artist who works with the WALK group one day a week would be delighted if we met up with them. Perhaps on Saturday the 7th of February in the afternoon in Walkinstown for an art session whereby we all put the postcard work together in a big collage which will eventually be framed and displayed perhaps in somewhere like the Ilaac library etc. She has to run it by the head honcho of WALK because they mostly operate weekdays. Will email everyone when I a concrete date.