Dublin Sketchers Exhibition

Just to lay down on the blog an idea that has been floating around amongst various people, and some of the ideas .....

- That we should have an exhibition.
- That people can exhibit if they want to.
- That we could approach the Print Museum about using their upstairs space (Mary has a contact there).
- That we could use the Loft, near Thomas Street. Suzanne has a contact there.
- It might be appropriate to have the exhibition around Bloomsday. Bloomsday 2010 is a Wednesday, perhaps we could launch on the Thursday.
- That there might be about 20 members of the group who might want to exhibit, and contribute to cost of hiring a space for a week.
- That we could design a poster.
- That we could charge €1 entry towards costs.
- That people could either frame their sketches, or we could hang them "washing line" style around the space.
- Could some pictures be "finished" and could some reflect the "sketching" nature of the group.
- Have a cool and groovy opening night....

Many other thoughts are probably floating around - any one want to put any forward here?