Sunday 29th November

The weather is starting to get pretty cold for outdoor events. That or I need to cut the tips of the fingers off my otherwise very manly woolen gloves. Uhuh. Anyway I maintain the plasma drip to the right there alone is reason enough to head to Trinity's Science gallery thing this weekend.

It's basically an exhibition of the weird and wonderful things that happen when science meets design. There should be myriad sketching opportunities. Also it's free :) We'll meet at the usual time of 1:00 on Sunday outside the Pearse Street entrance. You'll see the exhibition from the outside with a giant "What if...?" sign in the window so you'll know you're in the right place. If I'm not there by ten past, start without me :)

We'll likely hit the long stone afterward at three on the basis that Mahaffeys now sucks. If it's your first time please don't be shy about talking to random people with sketchpads. That's kind of a valid life rule I've found. You can always outrun someone who's desperately clutching sheets of paper while dropping pencils.