Sketching Sunday 17th - National Art Gallery

This Sunday we will meet at the entrance to the National Gallery, Merrion Square.

The Turner Watercolour Exhib. is on for the month of January in the Print Room at the National Gallery, Merrion Square.

Also there is a free lecture on Joshua Reynolds, portrait painter, at 3pm. Stephen, it almost in the City Centre.
I must head home again this weekend so happy sketching and I hope to catch up with you the week after :)


Ahmed said...

please forward contact

Tracy O'Brien said...

We will be meeting at the entrance to the gallery at 1pm. If you are not there on time or can't find the group, check inside or join us at 3pm in the coffee shop. We do not give out our personal mobiles unfortunately Ahmed, but join up as a member by sending an email and we will see you sketching.