Sunday 24th January

Well hello there you delightfully talented people! Happy new year and such. Now then, please, please, please put suggestions for next weekend's sketching location in the comments to this post. Me, well quite frankly I'm out of ideas, devoid thereof. I'm tapped. I can't think of a single thing we haven't drawn. Last Sunday in the National Art Gallery I gave a dude directions by showing him previous sketches in my pad. "Take a left there when you see a giant painting that looks something like this..."

So, ehm, yeah, give it some thought and then post the hell out of it :) Remember there are no restrictions so if you have something unusual in mind let us know.

The general guidelines are:
1. Somewhere free.
2. Eh, not too far for Stephen to walk to as he's invariably hung over.

Talk to you soon.