Sunday 31st January

Hey there, how's the form?

That's rhetorical, I assume you're all grand. Except you, yes, you give that back! Right then, I'm calling the Hugh Lane for this weekend. It's city centreness appeals to my lazier side. Also there's rumours that if we postpone the IMMA for one more week Tracy can get in free :) What's that you say? Favourites? Perish the thought, we're completely impartial here at DublinSketchers. Oh there's a cool exhibit on in the Hugh Lane by the way. It's by Katie Holton. See?

So let's meet at the entrance to the gallery (it's up there behind Parnel Square btw) at 1:00 on Sunday. There's a cool little cafe in the gallery itself that we usually meet in at 3:00 after some random doodling. For the various people who haven't shown up for an event before (for shame :) ) we'll be manically waving about sketchpads and poking each other in the eyes with pencils. That's us there, that bunch, come over and say hi! Hello. Ok, that's it then I think. See you on Sunday.

(Also, we're on the Facebooks these days if you wanna clicky and add us please do so :) )