Sweny's Sketches Sunday 24th



Mary Tracy Maura

James Fran Adam

Brian Chris Coilin

Adam Tom Suzanne Stephen

Stephen Sarah Sarah

I'm missing a few - and I may not be correct in the ones I have named! So - please just let me know!! Apologies for quality.. I guess my hand wasn't so steady!


Stephen said...

Thanks very much for putting those up Tracy :D Everyone's work looks great.

Ciaran.L said...

Exellent work, everyone!
I think that might be Maura's on the top-right, but I wouldn't be confident enough to change the name 'til someone can confirm it.

James Moone said...

It was Maura's alright and a good one too. Great work all around and despite the cold great to see so many turn out although I doubt if Sweny's was expecting quite so many - we weren't : )

James Moone said...

Fair play Tracey,great to see so much work up.

Really like Stephens drawers and floorboard composition.

Good likeness of Coilin Adam and love those bullseyes and robot.

Yeah who did the cool pen and ink with the Indian Lotion lable?

Tracy O'Brien said...

I know, it's great to see the results of what people do! We're missing loads, but can't catch everyone! These are only the people who came along to O'Donoghues afterwards. I think the bottles might be Sarah Bowie?!

James Moone said...

Good work Clare thanks for looking after us all and managing to get in a bit of drawing to boot. And wow that whiskey nearly floored me please thank PJ again.Ta James

Mary said...

A great body of work on show, and a very interesting venue, thanks for organising it James!

The Oh-Aissieux said...

James, were you sampling Sweny's tinctures while you were working? No wonder you spent the whole time sitting on the floor in a quiet corner by yourself.
"Nearly floored me," he says? No nearly about it!
And I wouldn't mind, but he didn't give us any.

Stephen said...

Ignore him. Well done James. I thought your work was outstanding. Thanks for all the online sharing. :D :)

The Oh-Aissieux said...


Only kidding, of course!

It was great fun to be working with visuals instead of verbals for a change. And to meet such an interesting group of people.

Thanks to Clare for hosting, and to Tracy and James for posting the photos here.