Lots of good stuff from the Hugh Lane



Stephen Reilly





James Moone said...

Lovely economical linework Stephen, cool compositions too. Really like what you've done.

James Moone said...

Apologies for the roughness of my photos folks, the flash tends create a glare at times and the light was too low inside to take a photo without blurring.

Ciaran.L said...

Great work all round, so many talented newbies in the last few weeks :)

Also, I wonder if anyone noticed a brown pencil-case left in the Hugh Lane cafe?

Mary said...

A great body of work from everyone! Love the Piano Room sketch, and also the fantastic birds eye view from the Hugh Lane by James. Lovely to see all the new members turning up! The more the merrier!
Ciaran, your pencil case is safe!

Ciaran.L said...

Yep, James contacted me, Mary. I'm so relieved!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Some fabulous work lads - great to see!!

Pat said...

Lots of great work and nice to see so many new faces recently. I had to get away pretty quickly after the sketching the last two weeks so wasn't around for the photographing of work etc. In fact, I left so quickly last Sunday that I only realised when I was halfway home that I had forgotten to pay for my cup of coffee! Did anyone else get stuck with paying for it or should I turn myself in? Will put a couple of drawings on the site tonight.

Stephen said...

They do have a very strange system at the cafe there don't they? I'd be more inclined just to donate the price of the coffee to the museum collection point pyramid thingies than risk a life of breaking rocks under scornful eye. But that's just me, you should look deep into your own soul and act on what you find there. :)

Pat said...

Ah no, Stephen, if I look deep into my own soul and act on what I find there they'll never let me out!

Stephen said...

Oh oh, I wanna see! Quickly now, draw it!! :D