IMMA Sunday 7th Feb @ 1pm - Kilmainham

Meet at 1pm @ the main entrance - those who wish to visit the temporary photography exhibition can do so, everyone else can wander through the main gallery and permanent exhibitions. All meet for coffee as usual at 3pm.

The New York Photo Exhibition has an entry charge of €5 (free for students). The rest of the IMMA and all of it's permanent exhibitions are free of charge!

The photographs reveal New York as a city of contrasts and extremes through images of towering blocks and tenements, party-goers and street-dwellers, hurried groups and solitary individuals. Picturing New York demonstrates the symbiosis between the city’s progression from past to present and the evolution of photography as a medium and as an art form.
Museum Entrance on Military Road. Directions on the IMMA website here!

See you there, all newcomers are more than welcome of course, don't be shy - have a sketchpad out and we'll find you!