Sketches from the Chester Beatty

Caitriona (x2)

Caitriona (x2)

James & Tracy

Stephen (x2)

Stephen & Coilin

Collaborative pub sketches!

Should have taken more while having coffee when everyone was still around, but here are a few anyway!


The Oh-Aissieux said...

Lots of great work here, particularly James' playing flute while riding buffalo and Stephen's ominously overhanging tree.
I also have a couple of sketches to share later.

Pat said...

Lots of really good work on Sunday, not all of it posted. Lots of very talented new sketchers around recently too. A great venue that I haven't been to before; a return visit in the summer might be nice when we could sketch outdoors.

Mary said...

Great selection of sketches there, also, love your landscape ink drawing Catriona, also James' Buffalo, a lovely sketch, and delighted to see Tracy in action, amazing rendition, as usual!

Tracy O'Brien said...

Yes there was a nice crowd and each persons work so different! I missed one table of people, a lot of whom looked new.. so would love to see what they did!! Post it up if you can or email it to the sketchers email!! dublinsketchers at

Loved the Chester Beatty, it's just such a pity it is so dark, my eyes were well tired by the time I finished!

James Moore said...

Was that your drawing of "the drunken immortal" Coilin? Very nice work if so.

The Oh-Aissieux said...

Thanks, James. It's mine all right. I couldn't resist an exhibition of art work with a narrative theme, and naturally I had to go for a picture with a story to it.
The story of this picture is that Zhong Kui was lord of the demons of hell, but they often tried to steal his magical sword and boots by getting him drunk. But his demon helpers always ensured he got home safely.
As an exercise, I chose the most unforgiving tool I could find - a black Penol marker, supposedly for marking CD's or something. It made me think twice before touching paper. Not a perfect result, but good enough.
Thanks to Tracy for posting it up.

Mary said...

Great sketch Coilin, and very interesting story. The pen you used is very effective! I saw that picture but did not read the story! Yes, it does make a difference!

Audrey said...

Great to see all the images. Was lovely to join up with you all, I really enjoyed the day - hope to see you soon.