Sketches from near Merrion Square!

Sorry I could not make it on Sunday as I was at a Christening Party nearby, in McGrattens.,
I did a sketch from the Oscar Wilde wall mural and also I was intriqued by the old Butter Churn in the lovely smoking room! Soft couches and a coal fire there also, and I don't smoke!


Gearoid said...

Nice work, Mary! I love the simple clear lines - especially the churn. By the way, thanks for your comments on my own effort. I must confess to a cerain unhappiness with it myself. I thought it needed more shading on the side of the face. The latest version is now on my own blog. I think I'll bve tinkering with it for another while! Hope to see you out and about with the Sketchers again soon.

Mary said...

Thank Gearoid. I always like to keep a copy of the original before I start tinkering! I sometimes prefer the original, warts and all, so to speak!