Few more pics from Merrion Sq & NGI on 14th March

What a fab day it was on Merrion Square on the other Sunday. (Sorry for the late posting.) The sun was just glorious! I have to admit I didn't draw anything this time (as there was too much to see), however, at least I made an atempt to take few shots plus interviewed Willie Redmond who is exhibiting his paintings on Merion Square. I will post the interview on the Blog at some later stage. I also would like to welcome couple of new faces in the Sketchers - Balasz (who travelled all the way from Portlaoise) and Slimane. Anyway, enough said. Enjoy!

Slimane by Coilin Coilin by Slimane

Balasz 1 Balasz 2



Jessica 1
Jessica 2
Jessica 3

all art is quite useless