Framing for the exhibition

Hi all,
Just wondering if any of you who are exhibiting have had a chance to look into framing yet? I know there's a link up to J&J framing, are they the best value or has someone used them before? They're just a bit awkward for me to get to, so I'm looking to see if there's anything more central. I stumbled across this site which has links to framers all over Dublin, so might help people to locate one near to them: I hope to check out a couple during the week, but if anyone has any recommendations maybe they'd post them up here.


Mary said...

Hi9 Sarah, here is Brendan Dunne, Framer. I have known him for years.

Dunne Brendan
78 Capel Street Dublin 1
County Dublin
Phone: (01) 8732702

Sarah Bowie said...

Thanks Mary - handy for me with the Luas. I'll check him out.

James Moore said...

Brendan is lovely and very reasonable.

Otherwise if you very stuck and cheap price is important there's a nice range called Ribba frames from IKEA, they come in standard sizes for pictures from 6 euro up to about 25/30 euro each;

Small box frame,no mount for a 14 x 14cm picture.

Small box frame with mount square opening to fit a size 12cm x12cm picture, and 29cm x29cm picture

Also they have flat simple frames with mount rectangle opening to fit pictures of 29 x 20 cm,(approx A4) 29 x 39 cm, 39 x 49cm.

All come in plain white, black or wood effect veneer frame. If any of these sizes suit we may even have a few left over ask me or Jessica on Wednesday. Regards, James

Mary said...

Sarah, you may need to get your own mats cut to accommodate your pictures if you buy the ready made frames.

Sarah Bowie said...

thanks for the advice, much appreciated. i'm going to call into the Capel St guy on Thurs (can't get him on the phone)and if the prices aren't too mental will go that route. I tried some cheapy frames, but they don't look great with my pieces, as they're all odd sizes. Hard to explain! Hope everyone's getting on well with their preparations :)

Mary said...

Don't leave it too late Sarah, this is the long weekend! Good luck!

Suzanne said...

Folks I had some pieces done by Allan Barr in In the Frame in Blackrock. He gives great advice and a good price (with 20% discount yay!). The frames are "museum quality". I had 3 small ones (little less than A4) and one big one (approx A1) all framed up for €180.

In the Frame, First Floor, 49 Main St., Blackrock. Tel: 278 0659

SarahOR said...

i got 5 frames and a hanging set for 40euro in Ikea..they do the job..! :)