Botanic Gardens - 2pm Sunday 16th

Hi all,

Well the Botanic Gardens seems to be the popular choice for this weekend! I can't wait - haven't been in ages and it is just so nice and toasty in those glasshouses! Must remember to use pencil and not ruin my nice new shiny markers though!

So - meet at 2pm outside the Garden's cafe, and meet back there again at 4pm. We will most likely go across the road for coffee as there are too many of us to be trying to get space in there.. but who knows.. we'll see!

Also, quick reminder that the Dublin SketchCrawl is taking place tomorrow - meeting at 12pm at the Patrick Kavanagh Seat on City Side of Grand Canal (near Baggot St bridge). Online Sponsorship will finish after the event so please sponsor before it is too late! For all those who are going to take part - any donation is welcome tomorrow - look out for the sketchy folk in Aware T-Shirts - they have the official sponsorship cards. Best of luck to everyone!