Calling all sketchers not signed up for the upcoming June 11th to 17th exhibition

Hi folks. We intend to project sketches/ drawings/etc. done by Dublin Sketchers at the exhibition opening night. So anyone who wants to submit work they have done at a sketching session please send (one or two images only) to me and I will include it in a projected slideshow.

Requirements: You will need to send a digital image of your picture, no bigger than the following size 1280 x 768 pixels or 45.16 x 27.09 cm preferably, if this is a prob I can resize down - don't worry if it's in a square format or whatever. Also best if image file size not exceed 1.5 mb anything bigger causes me problems.
Email me by clicking here.
This only applies to members who aren't already in the main exhibition.


Regards, James