Sunday 9th

Hey there,
there's great buzz this weekend around poking at dead animals with sticks. Yes, that's right, the natural history museum has reopened and we really should go in and check out that staircase :) Let's meet outside the main entrance at 2:00. If this is your first time or we're entirely unlikely to recognise you since the reconstruction surgery then I urge you to wave about a sketch pad enthusiastically. Oh and be nice to the beardy dude who says awesome and 'sup just a little bit too much, that'll be me, hello! Ok, do we need anymore information? Hmmm, nah eh, dress warm, see you there.



Dublin Sketchers Group said...

Ha! Wow, there are a lot of you out of office at the minute. Must be the time of year :)

Tracy O'Brien said...

I hope to make it out this weekend, things have eased a little :) Though, if it is anyway busy and if the weather permits at all.. I might just head for Stephen's Green and meet ye at 4pm inside for coffees :)

Mary said...

Hope to be there at 2, will bring a very large pencil!

James Moone said...

Looking forward to drawing in the Natural History Museum, it's been so long.