Sketches from "A Bridge Too Far" Liffey and other bridges Sunday May 10th


                                                       Mary O'C  (Photo: Alamy Stock )







                                                       Marie Helene

                                                          Roisín    (1)

                                                        Roisín     (2)


                                                       Michael C.

                                                               Paul N. ( Luas Bridge)

                                                            Sue H

                                                         Joan B

                                                          Greg  H.


                                                         Richard D

                                                      Michelle C.


Unknown said...

Were you able to go out sketching again or was this a virtual catch up?
I have lovely memories of my Dublin visit November 2006. The friendliest people I've ever met.
Suzanne in Sydney

Dublin Sketchers Group said...

Hi Suzanne, no not out sketching yet, still doing the virtual catch up! However we have had great weather to compensate.
Are you out sketching yet! Mary

Unknown said...

No Mary like you we are virtually sketching still here in Sydney.
We are able to go for a walk but not sit in a park or cafe.
Over 70s still asked to only go out to visit Dr (if phone consult not possible) or necessities.
Never thought I would experience churches closed and services run on Skype or Zoom.
We have been VERY lucky down here so far. Had it not been for a cruise ship that berthed with many covid cases onboard and subsequent deaths resulting, we would barely have been affected. Our borders were closed very quickly.
So many working from home but so many jobs lost too.
Take care and stay well.