Galway Trip - Final Note

Hi. So, a room for six has been booked with Sleepzone Hostel in Galway City, for Fran, Tom Sarah Bo, Ciaran, Marta, and Tracy. It has been booked under my name, so if you are there before me you can give them my name [Snip] and maybe the (not sure if I should put it up here, but text me on [Snip] if you need anything). I'll be getting the 17.50 train from Heuston on Friday evening, so I should be there on time for the 21.00 check-in time. Feel free to bring along maps and guide-books, some of us haven't been to Galway before, and we'd be delighted with suggestions for good sketching places from those who have.
Here's some links for the hostel:
Phone: 00353 (0)91 566999

If I've neglected anything, let me know in the comments. See you next weekend!


Stephen said...

You're going to have a great time lads. Sorry I can't make it but I'll be in Engerland.

Eyre Square is worth a look now that they've finished it. Also Buckfast Plaza. Remember pubs and a lot of other places will be closed for Good Friday so stock up on essentials before you come down.

For nightlife on Saturday my favourite bar has to be Sally Longs Great atmosphere and lots of painting on the walls ;) (Check out the Gallery section on the site for some of them) Also check out the Roisin Dubh later on.

There's also a Saturday morning farmers' market in the city centre that's worth a look. Nuts, now I really wish I was going. Pffft. Try the oysters :)

Ciaran.L said...

Cheers Stephen, sounds great! We wish you were going too ;)

Anonymous said...

Framers market is a lovely idea! Reminds me of the prefect local butcher sausages we had in Kilkenny :)

Tracy O'Brien said...

Yes it will be great craic - Stephen you'll be sorry!! Have a good weekend in Engerland and sure there will be other trips :D

Definitely lads - drink must be brought with us. We can have a little lock in ourselves on Fri. nite - I'll bring cards :) Few games of poker/45 could be had!

Mary said...

Have a great trip, everyone!

James Moore said...

Have a great easter weekend folks sorry to miss this too - next time hopefully.


Scribbler said...

Lookin forward to it!

Ciaran. said...

Enjoy! May the sun shine down in great swathes!!

Never know still might make it, dependng on how work goes in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

Everyone would be most delighted if you can make it Ciaran! :)