Hi all

As per James email, here's a suggestion for Sunday's Sketch - there's a lively food market in the Peoples Park on Sunday afternoons from 12 until 4pm. This only works if the weather's fine of course! It's right beside the sea near Sandycove, so there are plenty of other spots too. Theres a nice teahouse in the park itself and a café called Walters nearby for after-sketch coffe & chat .

Forgot to mention it's the People's Park Dun Loaghaire!



Mary said...

Great venue, Suzanne, and the weathers' expected to be good(ish)!
I love groups and activity, so there will be plenty of that. There are lots of group sketches on Urban sketchers, might help to have a peep.

Tracy O'Brien said...

Hi Suzanne and Mary :) I'm going to try and stay central this weekend and will post up an idea of where to sketch in a while.. need to think about it! I know that 1pm in Dun Laoghaire will be too far for me!

Will see what happens!


Mary said...

Look forward to your idea Tracy, plenty of Summer time left for the park another day!

Ciaran.L said...

Nice idea, but it hasn't been long since we were last in Dun Laoghaire... I'd prefer somewhere else, but majority rules of course

Mary said...

Tracy, a few ideas, Spencer Dock (Quays), Collins Barracks Museum,
Hugh Lane Gallery, Trinity College grounds...decisions!!

Fran Johnston said...

I was going to say collins barracks too. every time I pass it their signage and banners get more impressive so there must be something good in there!

Mary said...

Hi Fran, yes, there is quite a bit going on there, here a link to the collections.(You can copy and paste)