This Sunday we are going to visit the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin Castle.

The Chester Beatty has a special exhibition on show at the moment featuring paintings on loan from the collection of the National Gallery.  And, if the weather is fine, the grounds of Dublin Castle offer plenty of interesting subject matter.  It will be nice to gather in the city centre again after our recent expeditions to the suburbs.  Hopefully we’ll have a good crowd and we’ll all be inspired.  

We'll meet at 2pm at the entrance to the Chester Beatty.

If you're new to Dublin Sketchers, you'll spot us easily as we'll be holding our sketchpads. Don't worry if you're late - just get stuck in with the drawing

We'll meet again at 4pm at the same place to go for a coffee (probably at the Chester Beatty CafĂ©) and to enjoy looking at each other's sketchpads. 

Hope to see you there.