Hello all,

We hope you all had a Happy Christmas and are full of enthusiasm for the new year.  We are going to kick-off 2013 with a visit to Rathmines. 

Maybe some of you got new sketchpads or fancy markers for Christmas.  And maybe some of you have made New-Year-Resolutions that involve getting out more, meeting new people and being creative.  New faces are always welcome in Dublin Sketchers, but especially at this time of year. 

We will meet at 2pm underneath the iconic clock tower at Rathmines Town Hall. (You can't miss it, it's very tall)

If you're new to Dublin Sketchers, you'll spot us easily as we'll be holding our sketchpads. Don't worry if you're late - just get stuck in with the drawing

We'll meet again at 4pm at the same place to go for a coffee (probably to a café bar called Toast, close to the Town Hall) and to enjoy looking at each other's sketchpads.

Hope to see you there