Sunday 17th January-Pattern, Texture, Repetition

The theme for sketching on Sunday 17th January is pattern, texture and repetition. If you are drawing from the comfort of your home, you could try drawing your favourite patterned cushion, duvet cover or throw or you could try and draw your pet, trying to capture some of the texture of their fur. You could draw some of your cups and plates. If drawing outside some suggestions would be a line of ducks, a row of flowers or trees or focus in on the texture of a leaf or flower or the ripples in water. You could draw terraced houses with the cars outside. Another way of approaching the idea of repetition is to pick one object but try drawing it a few times, maybe trying out different techniques.

If you would like your sketch to be added to please either post it to the Whats App Social Dublin Sketchers group or email to (jpeg format). Please make it low-res and properly orientated for posting to the website. If you're on Instagram, use #dublinsketchers #urbansketchers

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

If you are new to Dublin Sketchers - we normally get together on a Sunday afternoon somewhere around Dublin to sketch from 2-4pm, and meet at 4pm for a drink and to check out each other's work. We’re doing things a bit differently at the moment.