Sketches from Sunday 7th Feb 2021 - Changing Dublin

Amazing sketches and great ideas from this weekend ... 

James M. ~

Recommendations for Dublin Council

Mary O'C

~ We need more street seating



~ It would be great to have a purpose-built public swimming pond in Phoenix Park.


 Michael C.   (1)

Michael C.  (2)

Michael  C.  (3)

Pat McA ~

Basic Needs:
Increase non-commercial shelter, seating and toilet facilities.

Restrict cars, increase cycling and pedestrianization.

Meeting, Eating, Playing:
Develop piazzas and pedestrianized streets with outdoor eating areas and places to play boules, chess, skateboard.

Old City:
Sensitively repair, clean, maintain. Encourage habitation. Replace missing buildings using the same style with handcrafted materials and methods.


Marie Helene ~

If there is one old structure I want to keep in Dublin, it has to be the Poolbeg Power Station. I can't even imagine landing at Dublin Airport without seeing its two chimneys. And I really wish there was a plan to restore the even older red-brick power station at Pigeon House. Imagine that space open to the public. And, no, I don't want another hotel!

 Caitriona  S.   (1)
 Caitriona  S.   (2) 

My notional view of York Street - There is a block of flats facing another block plus car parking and hard landscape: the idea is to create a green extended area with extra space for balconies as well as a secure planted area with pergola at ground floor level. On the opposite side. a new two-storey block with kiosk units under, onto street and a communal space over with balconies, planting...

Caitriona S   (2)

 Kate ~

... Now a skeleton, the Bernard Shaw pub … with its rough and tumble jumble of yards was a magnet for artists and audience ... the wide and weird in search of the real … a space whose very dereliction became its charm … a canvas, a venue, where frugal but functional coloured lights lit the reality … of the desire to escape from the shallow constructs of contrivance … or just those out and about looking for a pint and a quick bite … now sadly has been pushed out to make way for the high rise of concrete … but behind, and in spite of these facades to runaway commerce … Dublin is a thriving hub of poetry, music, dance, spoken word, film, theatre, street art … and when we emerge as butterflies from the lockdown ... we’ll need small intimate venues like the Bernard Shaw to express the myriad of voices … place for musicians and artists to gather and perform and exhibit and tell their stories … if only the city planners would keep up with the plot … and leave the places and spaces we need to nurture this creativity alone … preserve what cannot be created with PR and marketing … an organic and dynamic … and most importantly real … Dublin City

Veronique   (1)

Veronique   (2)



Paul N.

 Peter B. ~

Conservation Super Hero - at a portal to the Grand Canal Dock, the Lock Keeper's house. My sketch is a composite reaction as a visual artist to urban change. Conservation is a way of managing change by evaluating and protecting the historic built, natural and cultural landscape.

Sabina ~

(No! to) Treeless Streetscapes


For wildlife enthusiasts and those who are environmentally aware, observing the demolition of an overgrown site can be more than disheartening. With a wrecking ball and a bulldozer, wildlife and elements of immense value to the environment are lost and the damage is incalculable. Traditionally, Dublin was aware of green spaces. Indigenous growth was allowed to flourish. Laws that aim to protect our environment should be strictly adhered to.