Sunday 28th February - The Magic of Ordinary Things


“An ordinary object [could be] elevated to the dignity of a work of art by the mere choice of an artist.” ~ Marcel Duchamp 

Some utilitarian items found their way to art galleries - a can of tomato soup, a [non]-pipe, bicycle parts, lightbulbs, clocks... Through them, artists are redefining aesthetics and aestheticism, exploring the values of contemporary culture and the perception of reality itself.

This weekend, choose an everyday item from your surroundings and explore either its visual, practical or symbolic properties. Is it hand-made or industrially produced? How would it look like within a completely different context, in an advertisement, art gallery, comic book? 

If you would like your sketch to be added to please either post it to the WhatsApp Social Dublin Sketchers group or email it to (jpeg format). Please make it low-res and properly orientated for posting to the website. If you're on Instagram, use #dublinsketchers #urbansketchers

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work.

If you are new to Dublin Sketchers - we normally get together on a Sunday afternoon somewhere around Dublin to sketch from 2-4pm, and meet at 4pm for a drink and to check out each other's work.

We’re doing things a bit differently at the moment.

On Sunday 28th February, at 4pm we'll meet on Zoom to show each other our work over a drink (bring your own). You'll need the meeting ID and password to join. If you are on the Dublin Sketchers What'sApp group, you'll find the info there. If not, email before noon on Sunday to ask for the details. There'll be a waiting room to join the Zoom, so wait a few minutes to join.

And keep sketching!