Festival of World Cultures in DunLAoghaire for Sun 24th August meetup

Suggested by Jessica who may even be performing in it.

There's plenty of free stuff happening, here's a link to it Festival of World Cultures Sun 24th August 2008

One o'clock at dun laoghaire dart station again and take it from there?

New people always welcome - just show up and bring your own drawing gear


Pook2000 said...

This looks great. 'Twould be very interesting for my own ear too. Look forward to it! Must check out IMMA aswell. Haven't been for a while.

Couldn't agree more with Sarah on your sketch of the trawlers James. Really great work!

All the best,


Jessica PY said...

having suggested the FWC, I can't be there on Sun (I'm teaching Sat afternoon at 4.30pm, though, if anyone wants to learn to swing dance.....).
I'm rehearsing for the Dublin Fringe Festival for the next month, so probably won't make it out til late September.
If anyone wants to come and enjoy the fruits of my labour, check out http://www.dublindy.com/dublin-fringe-festival/