Attention all new artists/ sketchers

Hi there,

Im not actually in the country at the moment so James/ SarahBo are helping to run the groups until i'm back in the country in September. Just to tell you a little about the group..the sketching group is a casual meet up session that occurs every Sunday afternoon for about 2 hours (no instruction given but we do show each other our work when we've finished). People bring their own sketchpad etc and if somebodies new and doesn't know what we look like generally we say be on time and have your sketchpad out so we can recognize you.

If you look at the website there's a link called 'a welcome to all artists' for any more information.

1) BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR/ (allowing you to post here) or
2 )wants to add their artblog or wants to be added to
3) the emailing list

please email me on
. NO spam or advertisers please, thank you