a proposal

Hi everyone,

as some of you know ill be back from my volunteering project in Sri Lanka on the 8th of September and I was hoping to organise a meeting to possibly elect some committee members for the group and to discuss any proposals people might have over it's future proceedings, all people new and old would be welcome at the meeting and we could have a coffee/ beer/ food throughout.

My ideas would be to have two PR people (to promote the site/ group), one chair person, one person for promoting exhibitions, and maybe one person as social officier (any extra cirricular or special meetings ). The idea being that one / two people aren't left posting about possible meetup sessions all the time and that people who are interested in the group can get more involved. My suggestion for adate for the meeting would be the 11th/ 12th (wednesday or thursday evening) when its not too busy in town at around 7pm.

Also I will probably miss the sketching session on the 8th (sunday) but if anyone fancies going back out to dun laghaire during the week let me know!

Yours Sarah O 'Reilly

ps any suggestions re possible dates/ locations/ time of the meeting are welcome :)