Chester Beatty - Sunday 21st

Hi all,

I think the Chester Beatty will be a nice location for this Sunday, admission is free and opening hours are from 1p
m to 5pm. A link to the website: Chester Beatty
I have heard that the cafe is excellent - with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences for those who are hu

The Fringe Festival is finishing up this weekend and there are a couple of exhibitions taking place nearby - which we could wander over to afterwards.

Monster Truck Gallery & Studios - 73 Francis Street
Paddy Designer, Paddy Architect and Paddy Illustrator walk into a gallery... In a special Fringe exhibition, Monster Truck has invited a motley crew of leading creatives from outside the world of Fine Art to attempt to solve the puzzle artists struggle with: What is art?

Gallery Number One - 1 Castle Street
"Dublin meet Skewville: twin New Yorkers whose graffiti street art mission hits these shores for the first time. The gallery and windows of this dynamic Christchurch space will be transformed into a miniature city, forming the backdrop for their wooden sneakers which hang over power cables worldwide."

See you at the entrance to the Chester Beatty at 1pm! The more the merrier - if you haven't been sketching with us before, please feel free to come along. Have your sketch-pad out so we'll recognise you as part of our group!



Stephen said...

Yaaaah! See you there.

SarahOR said...

see you there! The shortbread/ carmel squares I had there before were excellent!

Tracy said...

Oh - just a note: Make sure you don't have oversize baggage!! Last sketching session here ended quite promptly as a result!

Gearoid said...

Sorry I can't make it this Sunday, Tracy. But I look forward to seeing the all the results on the web. Have a great day everybody!

Ciaran. said...

Won't be able to make it this week myself unfortunately. Set to be sunny too! Enjoy!

Jessica PY said...

James is away and I'll be dancing for the Fringe, so both missing it. Hopefully next week.


Rik said...

I'll be there.