Dublin Zoo - Date?

A number of you have expressed an interest in heading to Dublin Zoo for one of our sketching sessions. As it's a bit more effort to get to than our usual locations, and as some of you really don't want to miss it, thought I'd post this now to give ye a heads up, and to try and settle on a date. I know we're all frantically planning for Kilkenny at the moment, but don't want to postpone setting a date for zoo too much, as weather is only going to get worse and it is a mostly outdoors location. The 12th October has been suggested as a possible date. Otherwise it would be after Kilkenny weekend of 17th. Also, it's proposed to make this more of a day long rather than a half day session, cos it's such a unique location and it costs Eur10 to get in, so may as well make the most of it. Finally, I think there's a shuttle bus that goes from Stephen's Green which should make life a little easier. Any thoughts on dates?