Chester Beatty - Sunday 21st

Hi all,

I think the Chester Beatty will be a nice location for this Sunday, admission is free and opening hours are from 1p
m to 5pm. A link to the website: Chester Beatty
I have heard that the cafe is excellent - with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences for those who are hu

The Fringe Festival is finishing up this weekend and there are a couple of exhibitions taking place nearby - which we could wander over to afterwards.

Monster Truck Gallery & Studios - 73 Francis Street
Paddy Designer, Paddy Architect and Paddy Illustrator walk into a gallery... In a special Fringe exhibition, Monster Truck has invited a motley crew of leading creatives from outside the world of Fine Art to attempt to solve the puzzle artists struggle with: What is art?

Gallery Number One - 1 Castle Street
"Dublin meet Skewville: twin New Yorkers whose graffiti street art mission hits these shores for the first time. The gallery and windows of this dynamic Christchurch space will be transformed into a miniature city, forming the backdrop for their wooden sneakers which hang over power cables worldwide."

See you at the entrance to the Chester Beatty at 1pm! The more the merrier - if you haven't been sketching with us before, please feel free to come along. Have your sketch-pad out so we'll recognise you as part of our group!