Sketching weekend in Kilkenny

For either the second or third weekend in October (eg the 10th/ 11th October or 17th/18th) or . I found a decent hostel where its 17eur a night for a dorm and they have availability (its an 8 bed mixed dorm and there´s a common room) and there´s a 5 bed mixed dorm ensuite but its 18.50 and you also get breakfast/ linen/ Wifi/ BBQ area. Train journey is 1hour 42mins and is 29eur for a return seat.

There is another hostel (a 15th century castle to be precise, but its 8km out of town or a 20euro taxi ride).
My suggestion would be for people to book themselves (they take laser/ credit cards) and they only take a few euros deposit. You actually pay most of the fee when you get there. So if 5 of us went it would be 170eur with a 17euro deposit, and if you book just for yourself its 3.50eur as a deposit.
IF YOU Have any preferences re-date etc please post up here.