Dublin sketchers first meeting

Does the 11 or 12th suit most people, or do you want to make it the following week ?

Anyhow The main purpose of the evening is to have a bit of craic first and foremost and to get some feedback from the group..

....if people want to leave the group without a committee or to elect one something similar to what Trinity Artsworkshop have ( where's its a relatively informal business designed mainly to get more people involved ). we'll discuss it on the night.. so all new people/ old people we want your input!!!

its great to get people emailing me about this as it shows people aren't apathetic!

Ideas for venues?


TAW Blog Admin said...

Have to go to England Fri afternoon so can we make it Thursday 11 or wednesday 10 maybe.wont make the sunday 14th session either.

Jessica PY said...

I could make Thursday 11th between 6pm and 7pm, which is pretty pathetic! Can't make the Friday as I'm in England. Could make the 16th, but the rest of that week is out for me because of the Dublin Fringe.

My evenings are pretty tied up, so I am happy to post some of my thoughts here in advance of the meeting.


SarahOR said...

Say we make i thursday then at about 6pm..would the market bar suit everyone?
I don't think its going to be possible to find a day that suits everyone, but i think Ciaran, myself and James and possible jessica would be able to make it.

Clawless said...

I have'nt been around for weeks, but I might come, because I'm finally free of thesis work, and should be able to start sketching again,


Jessica PY said...

The 11th is ok for me, but I'd need to leave at 6.40pm, which kind of means risking the meeting not even starting before I have to go...... I can make the 16th though, having no other commitments that night.
Let me know,