Sketching Sunday 7th September

Hello Sketchers,

How about a sketching session in Howth? Lots of people milling about on a Sunday, some nice buildings, fishing boats and yachts, a children's play area, Ireland's Eye Island across the bay, boats out at sea, Harbour wall with good views across to the village, coastal walk with good views, cafes if it's raining - plenty of scope for drawing.

There is apparently at 12.23 DART from Connolly station up to Howth. But don't quote me on that.

How about a meet at 1pm just outside the DART station. My contact number is zero eight six followed by eight one eight then five five three seven.

We can sketch for a couple of hours, and then get together for a coffee, chat, and sharing of drawings/ideas.

I don't think any thing else has been arranged for this weekend........



Dobbin said...

To avoid ambivalence - 12.23 DART from Connolly. Meeting place is outside HOWTH DART station at 1pm.

Apologies for confusion!

SarahOR said...

wouldn't mind Howth but I will be on an airbus at that time so probably won't be able to make it!

Ciaran. said...


I'm going to be busy for the next 3weekends, with Sunday rehearsal/recording sessions for a project I've been working on.

Might be able to make the 14th though if it's city centre-ish based, 'cause we're finishing early that day, (I think - I hope!).

Should be able to make the mid-week meeting so will keep an eye out for a fixed date.

Enjoy Howth on Sunday. There is also a small market on the west pier on Sundays and Howth Castle is just down the road from the DART station, (to the right), if castles are your thing. There are also nice views of the harbour and Islands from the martello tower if you head up towards the village, (head up Abbey street and take a little lane on the left across from the Abbey Tavern). Also a cool little radio museum in the tower with old crystal radios and gramophones etc.

All Best, C.

Dobbin said...

The sketching was nice today - good weather for it. Just James and I made it - we went up to the Martello tower and sketched from there, then went inside and were lost for hours amongst the old radios and stories that go with them. James will post some sketches later. I did four or five attempts of Ireland's Eye - each successful in their own way! I won't be out next weekend, but happy to arrange something the following Sunday - maybe we could do something Fringe related, as that is that last day of the Fringe,