Dun laoghaire - boats and other things...


2 Catraoina

3 Stephen C

4 Stephen C

5 Slimane

6 Suzanne

7 Suzanne

8 Slimane

9 ?

10 Slimane

11 Slimane

12 Suzanne

13 Mary

14 Suzanne


17 Rory

18 Chris

19 Catriona

20 Catherine

21 Stephen Reilly

22 Stephen Reilly

23 Antonia

24 Balazs

25 Balazs

Please feel free to add your name to the numbered pics so we know who did what. if you can't edit it directly just put it in the comments please.Thanks. Regards, James

Sally's work


Mary said...

I like the group sketch of boats Sally, It would make a nice painting.

James Moone said...

Love the golden girl yaught drawing

SuzanneLindfield said...

The sketches are all great. I must confess that I wasn't all that productive on sunday and with the great food at the market, the great chats with Carmel, I only got the pineapple done on the day!

Mary said...

Some really great sketches there, love the views from the east pier by Balazc also the County Hall by Chris and Maura.
Re No. 9, not mine I am afraid, lovely sketch though!