Ideas for Sunday please!

Hi all,

Well - that time of the week and we're looking for ideas of where to head for this Sunday. The weather has picked up and I think we should head for somewhere outdoorsy and hope for the best! It's been a long time coming!!

So.. ideas so far include:

  • Blasphemous at IMOCA suggested by Caitriona
  • Experience Japan suggested by Jennifer - " in phoenix park this sunday, it looks really good, there'll be cherry blossom viewing, different musical acts, lotsa stuff that would be great to draw, all events are free of charge its on from 12 until 4"
  • Memorial Gardens or Trinity College - suggested by Aisling
  • 40 Foot and Sandycove beach - suggested by Rory
So.. there's a few suggestions!! Please comment here or we'll just randomly pick one and go with it tomorrow. All of the above sound great to me, I'm just hoping I'll be able to make it as I've a stupid exam on Monday that is dictating my life at the moment!

All other ideas welcome too of course!!

Yippee for the sun!!