Few notices!

Ideas for this Sunday?
Any proposals for where you would like to go.. post in the comments please :o)

Narrative Arts Club tomo - Thursday, 22 April. Show starts at 8 pm sharp. Doors 7.30 pm. Storytelling a la carte with StorySketch
Library Bar Extension, Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin, Ireland

Admission: EUR 6. Concessions: EUR 2.
Sketch artists are invited to draw as the inspiration moves them.

Will put up pics from DunLaoghaire Sunday later this evening, just a bit up to my eyes the last few days.


The next 3 day life painting workshop will take place on Fri, Sat and Sun 11, 12 and 13 June, organised by John O'Flynn at Broadstone Studios. For info just send us an email and we'll forward you the details.
The trip to Cork for the Sketchcrawl has also been changed - as a few of us decided that the weekend of the 15th of May didn't suit a lot of people. So.. what we're planning is to head down the weekend after instead. We will arrange a Sketchcrawl in Dublin for Saturday the 15th and if anyone would still like to partake in the Cork Sketchcrawl they can of course travel down themselves!

So who's intested in the weekend away?!