Meeting at 2pm - outside Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park!

Hi all,

Isn't it only lovely outside - so to celebrate we're going to visit Phoenix Park this Sunday and hope that the fine weather predicted won't let us down! A number of people have shown an interest in visiting the zoo - while others weren't so sure - so a compromise has been reached!

We will all meet just outside the entrance to the zoo at 2pm - those who wish to go inside sketching can do so and those who prefer to wander around Phoenix Park in general will do that. We will all then meet up again at the same place at 4pm - I think it would be really nice to bring some sandwiches/munchies etc. and we can have a picnic of sorts afterwards as there isn't really much choice in cafe's in that neck of the woods!

Here's a link to a map of Phoenix Park - there's lots to see! Any newcomers try to be on time - as it's a big place so might be hard to find us once we've left the meet-up location! Have a sketchpad in your hand and we'll spot you. Hope to see you there,