Sunday in Dubh Linn Gardens @2pm

This week we will head to the Dubh Linn Gardens (the original place of the dubh linn, the dark pool which gave Dublin its name!) - located behind Dublin Castle. Link to lots of info here - if the weather is bad we can just pop into Dublin Castle itself or the Chester Beatty which is always interesting. St. Audeon's Church and gardens are also nearby if you want a wander!
We will meet at the entrance to Dublin Castle - there are archways - we will be there at 2pm. If you are late, just wander into the gardens and I'm sure you'll see people sketching away.

We'll meet again at 4pm or thereabouts in the cafe of the Chester Beatty which has nice cake!
Everyone is welcome - for those who haven't been out with us before, just have a sketchpad in your hand. The gardens are best accessed from Dame Street - check google maps here for exact location! If you need anything just send us a mail before Sunday!

See you then!