Sunday 3rd October

Well hello there crazy art folk.

I hope this post finds you well, or at the very least finds it's way into your mailbox. I reckon we should completely immerse ourselves in the creativity of others this weekend and see if that inspires us at all. There appears to be approximately a billion new things on in the RHA for example. Yeah, so let's go there!

I propose that we meet at the main entrance at 2:00. At 4:00 I reckon we'll have drawn the hell out of the place so we should meet up and share work/tea/some beer at, eh, let's see... What's there? Ehm, oh yeah, it has a canteen. We'll meet up in it at four to see what we missed while wandering about in Sunday morning induced stupor.

If it's your first time look around for people brandishing sketchpads and clutching pastels/pencils in grubby fingers. Don't ask why the grubby colour on the grubby fingers doesn't match the grubby colour on the thing that's being grasped. Just don't ask. It never really ends well. Also my apologies for what happens next. Now then, as the weekend is fast approaching on soft but urgent paws, I'll pause, and leave you to it. See you Sunday. Probably, probably see you Sunday. Sure it would be wrong not to :D