2pm meetup at the Science Gallery on Pearse St. 4pm coffee at the Lombard on the corner opposite the gallery.

Hi all,

This week we will be in the Science Gallery (on Pearse St. near the Pearse St. Dart Station) for the exhibition Life After Nature which throws a questioning eye over the controversial subject of Synthetic Biology. It is the last day of this exhibition so it may be busy but it's been a while since we were there.

We will have coffee over in The Lombard at 4pm just across the road from the science gallery on the corner

This weeks optional challenge should you choose it is to add text that is relevant to what you are drawing or evocative of the atmosphere. It  can also be something you over heard. It can be a kind of soundscape. So keep your ears as well as your eyes open.

See you there,

Dublin Sketchers