2pm on the steps of the Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre.

Hi all, 

This week the Sketchers will meet at 2pm on the steps of the Powerscourt Townhouse Shopping Centre. South William St. Entrance.


You can draw inside the shopping centre or anywhere around the South William St. area, Grogans, the various coffee shops etc. if you can't handle the shopping centres. Meet back at the steps at 4pm and go for a coffee together inside the centre on the ground floor.

We are expecting a few new people this Sunday, so folks just keep an eye out.

And if you are new to the group you are most welcome. Just bring a sketchbook and whatever drawing materials you want to use, pencils, pens and get stuck in.
If you keep your sketchbook visible  when you arrive at the steps at 2pm people will know you are there to sketch and will most likely say hello. If you are late just get stuck in and meet other folks back  at steps again at 4pm for coffee and chat.

This weeks optional challenge, should you choose to try it, will be to find and draw something no bigger than a typical paperback book, with stitching or buttons on it as accurately as you can. It's a kind of a treasure hunt as much as a drawing challenge but hopefully it will be a bit of fun.

Good luck,