Sunday 12 January 2014 2pm at the Ferocious Mingle Marcade 60 Camden Street 4pm coffee there

Hi all,

Keeping it indoors during the cold weather this Sundays's venue will see us mixing it up in the
Ferocious Mingle Marcade 60 Camden Street,Dublin 2  4pm coffee there at 4pm

This weeks optional challenge should you choose to except it is to try and convey a sense of texture in your drawings.
Helpful hints think pattern,is it prickly, soft, rough looking,etc. think colour, think temperature, is it cold or warm? how would colour show this, think brass rubbings, or rough wall rubbings, or collage even.

You might even pick up something interesting in this wonderful Alladin's cave.

Look forward to seeing ye there,

Regards James
Dublin Sketchers Group

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