15th June-NCAD

HI again creative people. This week we are going back to school -for the graduate exhibition in NCAD. We will meet at the entrance of the college on Thomas st at 2pm. We will go to Arthur's pub at 4 for coffees (or something stronger) and to look at each other's sketchbooks. If you don't want to go to the college, you could try drawing the architecture of Christ Church which is not too far.
If you don't see anyone at 2 and you are new (people are sometimes late), introduce yourself to people you see painting or sketching as they are most likely one of us or come to the pub at 4. The pub is across the road and in the direction opposite to Christ Church.
The optional challenge is to think of sports or anything world cup related and incoporate that into your drawing- maybe draw flags if you are drawing architecture or if you are drawing statues or people, imagine they are playing football or basketball. http://www.ncad.ie/contact http://www.arthurspub.ie/