Sunday 22nd June-Blessington st Basin

HI creative people.
This week we will go somewhere new- Blessington st Basin. It is about 5 minutes walk from O Connell st. We will meet at the Blessington st entrance at 2pm and then at 4pm we will meet at the Candy Cafe. To get to the park from town walk north from O Connell st (opposite end of the river) and follow the road and you'll see a gate that spans part of Blessington st. This is the entrance to the park. The candy cafe is at the corner of Frederick st and Gardiner Row, diagonally opposite the garden of rememberance. If you don't want to sketch at the park, Hugh Lane Gallery and the writers museum are nearby. If you are new and don't see anyone at 2, introduce yourself to anyone you see drawing or come to the cafe at 4- its not that big so we should be easy to find. 

The optional challenge for the week is to do either a continuous line drawing( you don't take your pen from the paper so its all one line) or negative space drawing (google it if you don't know what that means.) 

I have been trying to tidy up the email addresses so I deleted some that were bouncing back as unknown address or permanent failure. If you usually get an email and you haven't received one this week, can you email and I'll add you again.