29 June-Chester Beatty

HI sketchers. This week we are heading to Chester Beatty Library. For those of you haven't been there before, it is at the back of Dublin Castle. If it stays dry outside, the garden area can be a good place to draw or the courtyard of Dublin castle and there's also a small roof garden. Inside there are books, paintings and sculptures from a few different religions. I personally like looking at the covers of the old books or looking at the buddha statues. The exhibition spaces are a bit dark to preserve everything so just be aware of that.

At 4pm we will meet at the Silk road cafe on the ground floor for coffees and to look at each others sketches. If you're new, introduce yourself to anyone that is drawing or painting and come say hello at 4pm.
This week's optional challenge is to imagine something from another era. If you are drawing something inside, you could imagine the figure is really holding a mobile phone or camera. If you are drawing people, maybe you could imagine them wearing something from a different decade or holding a scroll.